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Admissions - 2024
Prof. Basant Kumar Agrawal

Prof. Basant Kumar Agrawal
(Chairman, CIMAGE Group of Institutions)


CIMAGE College and The Career Catalyst Group have received immense support, trust and love from the residents of Bihar, Jharkhand and Northeast UP for the last 15 consecutive years. This is our capital. CIMAGE College has continuously carried out successful innovative experiments in the field of IT and Management education, which has resulted in better results and better campus placements of our students. CIMAGE has been ranked as the best college in patna, bihar for the study of BCA, BBA, BBM, BSc.IT, B.Com & PGDM course with an excellent campus placement. We are confident that we will be able to maintain this belief firmly in future also.

With best wishes for a bright future.  


Nobody ever said that leading an academic institution like CIMAGE Group of Institutions would be an easy task! They also didn’t say that in providing this leadership I would find special rewards that have enriched my life experience immeasurably, yet this is exactly what I have experienced here.

CIMAGE is my dream! We teach the students that they need to be lifelong learners, open to the lessons of every experience, and then we provide them with the opportunities to do just that. The examples of many of our successful students, who graduated or post-graduated from our college, have made our faith even more stronger than before that hard-work, devotion, dedication along with correct guidance; lead us to success. The many formal or informal, direct or indirect ways, in which we teach students at CIMAGE, contribute a lot in propelling our students rapidly towards their goal. The success of our college leaves us thinking that CIMAGE has truly become a remarkable teaching and learning community for learners still we have to go miles away and soon we will. As I always say and believe ‘Either you have strong will power or weak excuses.

Prof. Neeraj Agrawal

Prof. Neeraj Agrawal
(Director, CIMAGE Group of Institutions)

CIMAGE  has developed into a such an educational institution for the study of IT & Management courses, where we have the expertise to support new directions, where the directions are based on what is good for the students now and the college in the long term, where the individual leaders are important only for their passion in moving the programmes forward, and where we have a healthy balance of tradition and innovation.

CIMAGE has adopted a highly proactive role in terms of technological development and continues to produce an environment which supports good and easy learning. In particular, the introduction of Surprise Tests, Monthly Assessment and Revision Quiz (MARQ), Internal Examinations, PPT Presentations by the students after a particular unit gets over; and other innovative methods used at CIMAGE,  including publication of CIMAGE’s own study material, considering the challenges of the students of Hindi medium and rural background.  

CIMAGE is a place, where we take risks, we don’t sit back and stagnate and keep doing, rather, repeating the same thing, but we become innovative. We change for better. Lots of people are afraid of change. They feel ‘safe and comfortable’ where we have always been, doing things the same way, as they always did. This fills them with a sense of comfort, but this is a short-lived security, as the world will change around us and we will be left behind. So it’s better to embrace the change and implement it in accordance with our own context, being guided not by external factors, but by our own reality and requirements. It all comes from reflection and focus on the target, and a real desire to grow and achieve the set goal in the best possible way.

CIMAGE is a place where we must continue to grow and change, to sustain and enjoy success in the future, as we have been doing in past and always setting new parameters to be followed by others.

Do your Best !

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Mrs. Megha Agrawal
Center Head, CIMAGE


Let me take this opportunity to applaud the efforts of the students, our teachers, and supporting staffs for all their hard work, sincere and dedicated efforts in keeping the CIMAGE flag flying high in the academic as well as co-curricular activities.

I am happy to see that our students have achieved excellence in various fields; whether it be profession or business, be it management or accounting.  In spite of being geographically dispersed all over the country, CIMAGEians continue to cherish a treasured bond with College, a bond nurtured by fond memories of lifelong friendships and dedicated teachers, not  to speak  of the various activities undertaken in College.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all the students, their parents, the teaching and the supporting staffs of the college for all their efforts and for the support for effective running of the college.

Thank You


Dear Students,

The globalization & the opening up of the economy have ushered in a paradigm shift in the entire gamut of industries. Priorities have changed to conforming to the emerging needs.

For the students the changing scenario poses new challenges. To make their mark in this new environs they need to be strong in commitments, focused in their approach and ever quick to assimilate and adopt new ideas and skills.

CIMAGE is big, both in size & in reputation. It is meant to demonstrate impressive performance on account of almost all parameters. Key factors in CIMAGE’s growth have been superior quality student’s intake, high quality career & placement, technology drivers and culture.

At CIMAGE perspective on learning is different. The courses have been designed and structured in tune with the present market needs. Its multi-disciplinary approach, constant interface with the industry, and networking to instantly access the latest changes, contribute to the overall development of the students.

At CIMAGE students set benchmark that fewer will be able to achieve and that’s why our students do not fail to deliver in a demanding, professional and result-driven environment.

I know that in addition to academic excellence, you are also interested in having a fulfilling and enjoyable quality of life while on campus. At CIMAGE when you pass out, you are a superior professional and better person.

With best wishes

Prof. Neeraj Agrawal

Prof. Neeraj Poddar
(Dean, CIMAGE)

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Our Team

Our Team

CIMAGE is known for its academic excellence, research contributions, executive development and industry interface. Our major strength lies in the strong team of highly qualified members of faculty, quality students, dedicated staff and the quality of its courses that have in many cases, been trendsetters.

CIMAGE has a team of more than 150 vibrant and energetic professionals. They have the relevant experience of working in different Academic Institutions and MNCs.  Among them there are Engineers, Technical Trainers, Management Gurus, Librarian, HR Executives, Placement Coordinators and Marketing Managers.

The team is managed by a group of highly experienced and qualified academicians as well as educational administrators.

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The Member of Faculties

At CIMAGE, faculty members are inspired with a passion for teaching. A balanced mix of academicians, researchers and professionals from both public and private sectors and with rich research and managerial experience contributes to the Institute’s academic excellence. CIMAGE also has internationally acclaimed and experience management gurus, consultants, entrepreneurs and managers as guest faculty. These eminent field specialists enrich the students with the most updated academic resources and give them insight into the corporate world by sharing firsthand experience.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty are continually in demand as advisors and consultants to the industry and work closely with them to achieve the continuity of learning between the classroom and the workplace. It is complemented by visiting professors, industrial experts, business consultants, chartered accountants and senior managers from the industry.


At ‘CIMAGE Group of Institutions’, there has been formed an ‘Advisory Council’, comprising of academicians, educators and professionals. The Advisory Council works like a mentor and keeps on advising the college committee for smooth execution of the functioning of the college on time to time.

The members of ‘Academic Advisory Council’ at CIMAGE are :

Chairman            :   Prof. Basant Kumar Agrawal

Member              :   Prof. Neeraj Agrawal

Member              :   Mrs. Megha Agrawal

Member              :   Prof. Neeraj Poddar

Member              :   Mrs. Neha Verma

Member              :   Mr. Umashankar Sharma


At ‘CIMAGE Group of Institutions’, there has been formed an ‘Examination Cell’, comprising of Teachers, HoD’s and Dean.

The ‘Examination Cell’ is responsible for planning, executing, mentoring and monitoring of the examinations conducted in college. The Examination Cell is responsible for overall conduction of the examination and publishing the results.

The members of ‘Examination Cell’ at CIMAGE are :

Chairman            :   Prof. Neeraj Agrawal

Dean                   :   Prof. Neeraj Poddar

Member              :   Mr. Nitish Rohatagi

Member              :   Pro. Amit kumar Shukla

Member              :   Mr. Law Kumar

Member              :   Mr. Ravi Kumar Soni

Welcome to CIMAGE Group


Catalyst Institute of Management and Advance Global Excellence (CIMAGE)