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Admissions - 2024

CIMAGE Group of Institution has been designed to create an ideal ambience for world class learning and campus placement. The state of the art Classrooms and laboratories contribute to the longer period of retention of education imparted in the center. Our trainees have access to CIMAGE and voluminous libraries, which house latest books, reference materials and magazines. Computer based tutorials on various subjects are also available for self study. Its infrastructure and Study environment makes it best IT & Management College in Patna, Bihar. Seminars/Presentations/GD by students is held at regular intervals to simulate real life situation.


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Hi-Tech Classrooms

It has 20 Hi-Tech Class Rooms with digital smart boards, interactive projection panels and Back Lighted White Board. All the Class Rooms are fully Air-Conditioned. Sensitive microphones, Sound system, Computer with TFT Panels, Voice and Video capturing facilities have been also installed. All the classes have got very comfortable seating arrangements.

These are the Classes being taken in the classrooms by highly experienced faculties.

1. BCA Class

2. BBA Class

3. BBM Class

4. Bsc.IT Class

5. PGDM Class

6. B.Com Class

Among the features of the present Classroom are:

 ✔ Hi-Tech Classrooms   ✔ Digital Smart Boards   ✔ Back Lighted White Board   ✔ Interactive Projection Panels   ✔   Air-Conditioned Classrooms   ✔ Computer with TFT Panels   ✔ Voice and Video Capturing Facilities   ✔ LED Projectors


The concept of the library is undergoing a metamorphosis. Beyond books and journals, the library today has to be the repository of information which should be available to stakeholders anytime, anywhere. CIMAGE is working towards this concept. The library at CIMAGE has more than 50,000 volumes of Books, e-books, audio, video, documentaries, lectures etc., a high degree of digital content and access to many leading international and national journals both regular and electronic. This library has all the facilities which makes it best IT & Management College.  CIMAGE library is a great learning resource center for our students with access to a wide range of titles by Indian and International authors.

Among the features of the present library are:

·         Over 50,000 volumes.

·         International and National Journals.

·         Access to over 2,000 electronic journals.

·         Thousands of company profiles and data

·         Digital Content

The collection has been mainly developed in the areas of, Business Management, Communication Development, philosophy, religion, fine arts, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, social and cultural anthropology, socio-economic planning and development, Third World economics, ancient and mediaeval Indian history and culture, and modern Indian history – and these sections are considered as outstanding. The collection of ‘back volumes’ of journals is rated high by its users. The major housekeeping operations of the library have been computerized. Internet facilities available to library users.

Not unexpectedly, the library of the Institute is one of the finest in the region. Its collection has been supplemented by acquiring the private collections of some eminent scholars.

about us
about us
IT Resource Centre

CIMAGE College is a Resource Center of IIT Mumbai for the Study of Information Technology The use of information and communications technology and its tool in the field of education has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. Technology has entered the classroom in a big way to become part of teaching and learning process. The web has rendered knowledge ubiquitous and has created a unique playing field where the small and smart enterprises can indeed challenge the large and mighty in this “Flat World”. In this context, it is vital for the students to understand technology, be able to use information as a strategic recourse and develop competencies which are unique and difficult to replicate.

CIMAGE College is recognized as the best college in Patna for BCA, BBA, Bsc.IT and other courses.

The computer resource center in the campus is equipped with the latest computing resources and facilities to help students to take technology in their strides. The centre has relevant, latest software, multimedia packages. The whole campus is a WI-FI campus, thus the students of CIMAGE can use Internet on their laptop anywhere in the building, without using wire.


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