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CIMAGE Student Prashant Got An Offer Of 16.5 Lakhs From A California Based Cyber Security Company
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  • 21-Oct-2023
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CIMAGE Student Prashant Got An Offer Of 16.5 Lakhs From A California Based Cyber Security Company

A Wonderful Patience Leads  To Excellence.

Greetings of the day. Let us bring to you the fact that, life changes for many students every year, as they get placed in various MNCs, BANKS, and Other Corporate Sectors. In Bihar, CIMAGE is an institution that is acclaimed for providing quality education, skills development, and placements to students.

This blog lays stress on the placement of a CIMAGian at a Cybersecurity Company in California, Saviynt.

The spotlight today is on the journey of Prashant Kumar, a student of CIMAGE Group of Institutions in the academic Year 2013 – 2016, in the BCA course who was placed in WIPRO in campus placement. After successfully onboarding to WIPRO, he moved, taking a quantum leap and a wise step ahead in his career to join a California-based company, Saviynt.

Meet Our Alumni, Prashant

In his meeting, he spoke of his experiences elaborately, not leaving out all the moments of trying struggling, learning, and achieving at CIMAGE. He was in his college after a gap of five years and had so much to share!  He was back and so were the memories, of friends, teachers, classes, and activities laid out in front of him. Gratitude was written large on his face. 

The company where Prashant switched is the Vendor company. While working in WIPRO for 4 years, he used to give training to others. His dedication and selfless hard work made him a much sought-after candidate for other recruiters, especially the one he is working for. His resume was analyzed and after clearing a total of 5 rounds of interviews Prashant was lucky enough to have been selected in Saviynt. Though he admits that the interview was tough and tricky, but he aced out brilliantly.

Currently,  he is working with a client in France and he is extremely delighted to admit that all this good happening, undoubtedly, is because of CIMAGE.

Apparently, first of all,  Prashant was working for that essential tool and, now he is working for that company that offers that tool.

Isn’t this a great achievement and benchmark for other students at CIMAGE?

Surely, YES, these students are setting a benchmark and setting new standards,  breaking records, and a challenge for other CIMAGians.

Experience shared of college time.

He further added that the time when he was in college his batch was the first batch when CIMAGE received the affiliation to Aryabhata Knowledge University. During his time Dheeraj, a fellow student was the university topper in the very first batch. He discussed being the first batch of Aryabhata University the syllabus was a bit hectic as compared to other colleges.

First, the vast syllabus of the university and then the add-ons made their course a little tough. He shared that during college they often thought differently, and wondered why whys and ifs and buts or the need for add-on classes. At that time little did he realize the relevance of these upgraded ad on classes. But upon joining WIPRO, he was surprised to see 

other colleagues trying to understand the basics of Java. On the contrary, CIMAGians were quite comfortable in easily coping with the concerned topic. 

So, the students who want to take admission in BBA, BBM, BCA, B.COM, B.SC – IT, & PGDM Courses and looking for colleges best in placement, CIMAGE is the only answer. You are going to get extra points in your interviews, at your actual job, and all these because of the add-ons offered by CIMAGE.  This is the main purpose of our add-on courses to make our students not only ready for jobs but also get industry ready. These add-on courses update you with a skill set important for any career.

He then shared a story that during their training time all the CIMAGIAN  lived in the same flat cum hall and in that flat about 10-12 CIMAGian were sharing. That hall was so huge that they all use to play cricket in the hall. They further shared that it felt more like a family rather than a training camp. He expressed joy and said that they use to go to the office in numbers like they use to come to college in groups.

A word For Current CIMAGians – Prashant

Prashant urges students to never stop learning because learning is important. Never escape from your add-on classes as these courses play a vital role in improving your confidence and working and will provide an edge in your job. With the help of add-on courses, an average student can improve and take care of his personal growth. Never let demotivation set in and always be ready for learning new skills.

Our Take?

We never say that our student got campus placement of 14 lakhs, 15 lakhs, or 23 lakhs. But we do provide them a strong base and a good start package that made them able to build confidence and enhance their skills. This enabled them to crack such interviews and set such a high benchmark.

Along with this, in the campus placement students are relocated in different locations. But where ever they go they happen to meet friends and seniors and live like close-knit family members, always ready to extend a helping hand.

Wrapping up:  –

Towards the end of his meeting, he shared that students especially those who belong to Bihar are much more interested in learning new things. This attitude helps him too and in a span of one year, he was conferred with the award of “Outstanding Performer of the Year” at WIPRO. It is a fact that where ever the students of CIMAGE go they are like toppers, and the credit goes to their skills and hard work.

While watching the video of Prashant you will get to know why we are called the best placement giver in Bihar. This is the case of many CIMAGians who even after leaving the college are still with their batchmates.

Keep an eye on our placement portal if you love to know more about such placement stories. If you seek the same status for yourself, join CIMAGE and experience the difference.

Hope this blog will help you in understanding the role of Placements. For more details, you can visit our website at

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