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CIMAGE Student Ashish Kumar Got A Placement of 16 Lakh in Accenture | CIMAGE College
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  • 27-Oct-2023
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CIMAGE Student Ashish Kumar Got A Placement of 16 Lakh in Accenture | CIMAGE College

Thousands of students get Campus Placement from CIMAGE every year. Ashish Kumar, a student of CIMAGE is one of them. Through campus placement, he got a job at WIPRO, and recently he has switched himself from WIPRO to Accenture.

Ashish was very happy while expressing his career hike in a good company and that too with a good package. He shared that, like many other students, he too desired to work with renowned MNCs and CIMAGE helped him in achieving his dream. It was a dream come true!

Ashish discussed that as he got hired by WIPRO, he got the chance to complete his higher education as well, which is sponsored by WIPRO. Ashish completed his MTech in 2020 from BITS PILANI and after that got a golden opportunity to work with Accenture, moving up the ladder by dint of hard work and trust in the college you are studying in.

Life at CIMAGE

He spoke about how he came to know about CIMAGE College and become a part of our big family. Ashish explained that his life was full of ups and downs. He confesses that there was a time when he was about to quit his studies due to some personal issues. But the Director of CIMAGE Prof. Neeraj Agarwal counseled him, bringing him back on track.

Ashish was very much thankful to every member of the CIMAGE family to have received the support he needed and to those who stood by him in his weakest hour and made him what he is today. Apart from that, he thanked all his batchmates who maintained a good interpersonal relationship. This is the reason why CIMAGE is more than a college, it is a family for thousands of students. Our connection is lifelong.


Ashish expressed that taking admission in CIMAGE was the best decision in his life because of the multiple benefits.

Ashish, a proud man today, stands tall, with his head held high

who aced out and succeeded, through his skills and knowledge. Development that can be seen and heard!

Message For CIMAGian

An average student can achieve what he desires. All you need is to stay consistent and patient. Listen to your teachers and stay guided motivated, inspired, and focused.

CIMAGE Group of Institutes congratulates Ashish for where he is Today.

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